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Holistic Health Check

The Merge Health team is dedicated to ensuring you achieve the optimal wellness you are after as quickly as possible, so we created the Holisic Health Check (HHC) fully utilises an integrative approach to your treatment plan.

Our clinic combines traditional diagnostic excellence with state-of-the-art integrative medicine to bring you a detailed assessment of your diet, lifestyle, nutritional levels, toxins, digestion, and other relevant health indicators.

Holistic Health Assessment

In order to maximise your health assessment and treatment with Merge Health, we require a comprehensive Health Check in which we undertake a series of baseline tests including body composition, urinalysis and blood glucose.  All these results are available to you in a summary report by the assessing practitioner.

Holistic Diet Review

Additionally a Diet Review is completed to produce a meal plan for the initial step in your treatment plan so you can very quickly see improvements, and allow your primary practitioner to focus on the underlying issues causing you to be unwell.  A meal plan is provided to you in a summary report by the assessing practitioner.

A Snap Shot

Your primary practitioner will also use this information to assess your current health status, to gauge health changes implemented from the HHC and also leverage to contribute to your treatment plan, ensuring you get the most efficient and accurate assessment.

Please scan and upload into the Charm Patient Portal test results from the last 12 months and the bottles of any supplements, herbs or medications you are taking. The last 3-5 days diet diary will speed up the process in the initial consultation.

In order to maximise your first consultation, it is ideal (but not essential) to have a complete blood review, which includes:

Full Blood Count / Evaluation (FBC/E) or Complete Blood Count (CBC)

An FBC is a broad group of tests that will generally examine markers for anemia, inflammation, and infection (mainly red blood cell markers and white blood cell makers).

B12 & Folate

As anemia can be caused by either low iron, folate or B12, an FBC provides much information in regards to how well your body is activating and using your folate.

Folate is also needed to create healthy levels of Red and White Blood Cells, which makes an FBC a good general screen to complete.

Full Biochemistry

An indicator of the health of your internal organs (such as liver and kidneys), electrolyte balance and key enzymes. A full biochemistry should also include cholesterol and lipid levels.


An amino acid involved in methylation, an essential process that involves the nutrient, folate.  High or low readings can suggest interference with your ability to use and levels of active folate and B12.

Iron Studies (inc. ‘Ferritin’)

Involved in the synthesis of red blood cells (RBC), blood volume and a cofactor for many processes in the body, including detoxification and the production of brain chemistry.  Your iron status can also provide insight into the cause of anemia, or if low folate or B12 are in fact to blame.


Zinc is an important nutrient crucial for cell function, a strong immune system, neurotransmitter balance and healthy digestion.  ‘Plasma zinc’ is the best way to test zinc levels.


Elevated copper levels have been associated with a range of hormonal imbalances, and mental health conditions.  This could be due to copper’s antagonistic relationship with Zinc, as it will compete for or block the absorption of mood balancing zinc if too high. Serum copper is the best way to measure this trace mineral.

In order to maximise your first Fertility / IVF Support consultation, it is ideal (but not essential) to have completed the above blood review, as well as:

Luteinising hormone (LH) & Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)

To evaluate the function of your pituitary gland, which regulates the hormones that control your reproductive system.


To help determine the cause of infertility, to assess when you are ovulating, to review for an ectopic or failing pregnancy, to monitor the health of the fetus during pregnancy, and to help find the cause of abnormal uterine bleeding.


To monitor oestrogen levels when unexplained abnormal menstrual cycles, abnormal or heavy bleeding, infertility problems, symptoms of menopause, or any other hormonal alterations occur.  Oestrogen measurements form part of ante-natal screening programmes for Down’s syndrome and fetal-placental competence during pregnancy.

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

To help evaluate whether the concentration of SHBG is affecting the amount of sex hormones available to the body’s tissues.

Free Testosterone

Used to determine if your testosterone levels are abnormal, which may help to explain its role in conditions such as PCOS, erectile dysfunction, infertility, or premature or delayed puberty if you are male, or masculine physical features if you are female.

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), fT3, fT4

Used to measure thyroid-stimulating hormone in your blood, made by the pituitary gland, a small organ below the brain. TSH tells the thyroid gland to start making thyroid hormone.

T4 is one of two major hormones produced by the thyroid gland which help regulate the body’s metabolism (that is, how the body functions).

T3 is other major hormone produced by the thyroid gland which only makes up less than 10 per cent of total thyroid hormones.  However, T3 about four times as strong as T4, and is thought to cause most, if not all, the effects of thyroid hormones.

Scans inc. ultrasound & reports etc.

An ultrasound scan or sonography is a medical test that uses high-frequency sound waves to capture live images from the inside of your body.  Unlike other imaging techniques, ultrasound uses no radiation. For this reason, it’s the preferred method for viewing a developing fetus during pregnancy.

Please upload any PDF documents, reports or scans into your patient portal.

For you to enjoy the full value of your treatments and allow yourself time to complete the online forms before your appointment. Please email us at if you have any trouble accessing the portal.

Full payment is required if appointments are rescheduled, missed or cancelled with less than 2 business days (Monday -Friday) notice. At its discretion, Merge Health requires up-to-date credit card on file and apply charges in the event of an outstanding payment or missed appointment without notice.

As a service to you we remind you of all appointments the day before via sms and 3 days before via email, though all systems are imperfect and aren’t 100% reliable.

Credit, EFTPOS and cash will be accepted at the time of consultation.

For your convenience and to save you time, our friendly team can organise payments for Gift Vouchers over the phone on 03 9889 8008 /0432 694 016.

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Available on request.  Prices per treatments above.

Students – 10% of total bill*

Pensioners – 10% of total bill*

*when a valid card is scanned and uploaded into the Charm portal.

Rebates for the following health insurance providers are generally available.  Please contact your health fund to confirm the status of your eligibility to claim for Nutrition and Naturopathy consultations.


  • Medibank Private & ahm Health Insurance
  • HBF
  • HCF (Manchester Unity)
  • Australian Unity (GU Health)
  • Australian Regional Health Group
  • NIB
  • BUPA (HBA, NRMA, SGIO, SGIC, Mutual Community)
  • RBHS
  • CBHS Friendly Society
  • WorkCover, WorkSafe

If you wish to repeat your prescription, please message Merge Health Administration through the Charm Patient Portal to arrange for pick up or postage (express, trackable post only), 3 days before is ideal.  A maximum of 3 repeat prescriptions without consultation is available.

We have formulated our returns and refunds policy on the basis of the ACCC Guidelines, which specifies that we are not obliged to return products purchased if you change your mind about a treatment plan or supplement use.  If there is a problem with your prescribed supplements, please contact us through the Charm ehr portal within five business days of receipt of your order to report a problem.

ACCC Guidelines for consumers regarding returns on goods and services:

Wrong Item Received
If you received an item you didn’t order/purchase or you did not receive an item you did order/purchase, please contact us through the Charm ehr portal to “Merge Health Administration” within five business days of receipt of your order so we can ship the correct item. If the error was on our end, we’ll ship the correct item to you at our cost. If the error was on your end, ship the correct item to you at your cost.

Expired Item
If a product date is past expiration when received, please contact us through the Charm ehr portal to “Merge Health Administration” within five business days of receipt of your order with a photograph of the product and expiry and we’ll make arrangements to replace the product or credit the purchase price at our cost.

Adverse Event
If you believe you have experienced an adverse event due to a supplied product or treatment, please photograph any visible reactions immediately, and attach these to a message to your prescribing practitioner through the Charm ehr portal.  We are obliged to submit these to the supplier for assessment.  Once approved as a reaction caused by the supplied product, we will exchange, return & credit, or refund you for the total cost to you.

TGA definition of an ‘Adverse Event’
An adverse event is any untoward medical occurrence in a patient administered a medicine and which does not necessarily have to have a causal relationship with this medicine. An adverse event can therefore be any unfavourable and unintended sign (for example, an abnormal laboratory finding), symptom, or disease temporally associated with the use of a medicine, whether or not considered related to this medicine ( )