Stephanie Gadsden

Bachelor Health Science (Naturopathy)GAPS Certified PractitionerMAPS & MINDD Certified PractitionerACNEM Certified PractitionerMiCBT Certified Practitioner

Stephanie Gadsden a Naturopath, GAPS, MINDD, SIBO & MiCBT Practitioner who is an advocate for using a holistic and integrative approach to help people maintain health and achieve wellness, particularly in the areas of mental health and fatigue disorders.

Her passion lies in the prevention and treatment of mental illness by the use of an integrative medical model. Through her work in this area she is the elected Secretary Board of Directors for the non-for profit International Network of Integrative Mental Health.

Stephanie has also conducted research on the integrative model publishing a study on Naturopathic Medicine for Self-Assessed Mood and Anxiety in the journal, Advances in Integrative Medicine.

As a recovered sufferer of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Stephanie is committed to helping patients with fatigue disorders manage their condition and become well. She is also passionate about educating practitioners on how to treat CFS patients effectively and has recently authored the CFS chapter in the 2nd Edition of Clinical Naturopathy.

Stephanie understands through her own 10 year battle with CFS that a diagnosis of a fatigue syndrome can lead to immense frustration and an ongoing search for the cause or cure sometimes liken to a search for the holy grail! Stephanie aims to minimize patient’s frustration with a clear and concise integrative treatment plan, adapted to the individual, aiming to improve fatigue and the patient’s quality of life.

Memberships: NHAA | INIMH | ACNEM | ATMS