Clare Cagnoni

Accredited Wellschool Coach & FacilitatorGraduate Diploma in WellnessCert IV Training & AssessmentMaster of ArtsBachelor of Arts
I am university trained Wellness Coach with over 22 years of experience in the community sector. In particular non-clinical mental health, ranging from direct service provision to teaching & training.

With the onset of my own chronic health issues and as a new mother, I discovered the need to implement all my ‘holistic’ professional skills to not only ‘survive’ but to ‘live well’, no matter what my health was doing. I have learned that much of our health & wellness is directly impacted upon by choices we make every day.

Through this experience, I have become passionate about empowering people with this knowledge & practice, especially parents. I love to see parents take control and invest in lifestyle & wellness choices that not only change their personal wellness but that of their entire family.

I get that change is difficult. That it’s overwhelming & time-consuming.  Research shows it takes at least 21 days to change a habit!

AND it can be done & coaching can help you do it:

  • By working on your mindset, blockages & strengths,
  • By starting with what you are ready for,
  • With the development of specific, practical, personalised & goal orientated ‘HOW to’ plans
  • Encouragement from an empathetic & skilled practitioner to seize control over the overwhelming ‘to do’ list.
  • All with accountability to your coach
  • And their ongoing support and motivation.

As a busy mother of four and Paediatrician, I found Clare’s health coaching program to be excellent.  I would thoroughly recommend her for any parents who are managing their children’s developmental behavioural challenges as well as their own busy lives and careers. Clare’s programs have a strong focus on nutrition, sleep, physical activity and mindfulness.

– Dr Elisa Rough, Surrey Hills Paediatrician