1. Do not use bluelight such as phones, tablets, computers and tv after dark 
    • This impacts the sleep hormone melatonin
    • This is one of the most important factors affecting sleep now
  2. Do not drink alcohol
    • This is also very important
    • It will affect the quality of your sleep
  3. Aim to do this for at least 3 to four consecutive nights at a time when it will not place undue pressure on anyone else in your home
  4. 1 hour before bed time turn off or significantly dim most of the lights within and around your house.
    • Use curtains to block out external light
  5. Get into a routine
    • Use baths and regular meditation at bed time to relax
  6. Use candlelight or dimmed electric light only sparingly
  7. Consider wearing dark, wrap around sunglasses as an alternative if other members of your home find it necessary to maintain normal levels of lighting
    • These can be found on the internet and limit the amout of bluelight that your eyes are exposed and encourage melatonin release