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Welcome to Merge Health

Welcome to Merge Health - a useful resource for those seeking practitioners who are able to merge 'mainstream' and 'natural' medicine.

We are medical and allied health professionals passionate in empowering people to overcome their health obstacles and achieve well-being through a range of therapies. Our unique blend of conventional and complementary therapies provide the best of healthcare to people who are looking for real outcomes.

Merge Health practitioners begin your consultations with a comprehensive analysis of your health, from which they devise a personalised treatment program with you. Treatments vary according to individual health needs, and a typical Merge Health program would consider your current state of health, diet, environment, physical activity, family history, relationships and mental attitudes. Merge Health practitioners aim to actively enhance each individual patient's state of health, prevent illness and holistically maintain well being.

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"Biomesotherapy works like magic. With this new treatment from Dr Ang, I literally crawl into his office with intense pain, and in less than 5 minutes, I experience a recovery of at least 90 percent. It's truly unbelievable."
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"Learning and practicing mindfulness was a huge tool in coping with and improving my symptoms."
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